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My brother, Ed, has designed dozens of interesting websites using HTML coding, ASP, Perl, PHP, WordPress, OpenCart. He assisted others in using PrestaShop, Joomla, and Drupal.  Also he recently focused on using WordPress to design websites. Here are a few highlights of recent web design by Ed Paul.

Web Designed by Ed Paul:

In need of a Greek New Testament guide?  Consider The Learner’s Greek New Testament Series by David Harris Walker.

Live in Virginia?  Check out these 2019 Virginia Beach conservative candidates

The Adventure of Sir Good Knight by Tom Geden from NJ. – a story book designed for kids in kindergarten, but enjoyable by kids of all ages.

Also you can find opportunities to serve your city at City Serve USA.

City Serve New Jersey

City Serve Virginia

Resources for Military Families by Chaplain Ed Paul

Also, you can search for home inspectors at ITA Inspector Web
REALS – A Comprehensive Real Estate Directory

Zampaglione and Radcliffe – Republicans running for Greenwich Township Council

Zampaglione and Radcliffe Other interesting sites

Looking for a new job or career?  Check out Job Search Help by Ed Paul

Old flat HTML site Ed Paul’s Links World.

Also you can learn More about Ed Paul

Other interesting websites available by Christian Website Design and Hosting.

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interesting websites by Ed Paul

Finally, Please check out Ed Paul Web Design and Hosting to help with your interesting website design.

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